About Vitrea Health

The Vitrea Mission

At Vitrea, our vision is rooted in a commitment to revolutionizing eye health. We aim to bridge the gap between scientific advancements and patient care, particularly for those battling Macular Degeneration.

Our aspiration is not only to enhance vision but also to pave the way for a future where vision loss is no longer a barrier to living a full and vibrant life. We envision a world where everyone has access to the most advanced, scientifically-backed eye care, enabling them to prevent disease and see the world with clarity and confidence.

“I started Vitrea to free my family from the fear of vision loss, and I want to share that vision with you.”

-Luke Yaldo

Founder & CEO

Vitrea was founded by Luke Yaldo

The Vitrea Story

Luke's path to founding Vitrea was inspired by his grandfather's life-long struggle with Macular Degeneration. His experience in eye care, working alongside his Ophthalmologist father, further exposed him to the limitations in care for those suffering from the disease.

Prior to starting medical school at the University of Miami, Luke led research on age-related eye diseases in more than 13,000 patients. His blend of personal drive and academic rigor set the stage for Vitrea, a venture born from a desire to innovate in eye care and deliver solutions where they are most needed.